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Pierre Deschamps
Our business, Cmac-Thyssen, has been using the services of Cassandra Michaud, owner of the Au Gré Des Mots society, for several years to perform translations of various documents (ex : parts book, HR document, work procedures, etc...). 

The service is courteous, fast and very professional. I strongly recommend the services of this enterprise. 
Kassandra Turcot
Throughout my time in Cégep, i have turned to the services of Mme. Michaud to correct my end of semester papers.
Her services are fast, precise and professionals. 
The society Au Gré Des Mots is something i would recommend without hesitation.
Ryan Keefe
I was a student of Cassandra's for a period of approximately five months.
I found Cassandra to be an excellent teacher. She was always well-prepared and ready to help me through my learning.
She has an extensive knowledge of both the French and English langage and is an avid reader, which allows her to teach by discussing a variety of topics.
She is personable and polite and was considerate of me as a student. She adapted her teaching style to ensure that i was learning in a way that was conductive to my style.
I would recommend Cassandra as a teacher to anyone who asks.
Translated from a French review
Translated from a French review
Note : Ryan started as a government A level and finished with a C.
He worked with me through the LRDG program and was paired with 3 tutors including me. 
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