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Our top 5 tips for presentation design




When it comes to building a visually appealing yet effective presentation where your audience won’t start thinking about their grocery list, there is a lot of common mistakes to avoid and you probably won’t hire a designer for every presentation you build to fix it for you.

For those presentations, we have prepared for you our 5 most useful tips to improve your presentation design and slide’s efficiency. 


  1. Pick a color palette with colors that complement each other and stick to it. 


A presentation that features more than 5 colors will look all over the place and will distract your audience from your content. If your colors don’t go well together it will also disturb the harmony of your design.

When unsure, browse for pre-made color palettes to get inspiration.


  2. No more than 3 fonts should be used in your presentation.


Choose fonts that are easy to read and give off the vibe you are looking for in your presentation (fonts can give off serious vibes, childish vibes, girly vibes, etc.). Too many fonts will make the whole thing look messy and will deflect your audience’s attention from the content you are trying to share.


  3. Use more visuals than text.


Try to use more visual props, whether you prefer pictures, charts, icons, etc. Visual elements are easy for the eyes to flow on and assimilate whereas text requires more effort. Use your textual elements to emphasize important data or key pieces of information.


  4. Do not be afraid to let empty space in your slides.


Your slide does not need to be used at 100%. The more content is in one slide, the harder it will be to keep your audience focused and interested in what’s on it. Use the empty space to give a break to the viewer’s eyes and complement your presentation with what you are saying rather than jam all of your content into your slides.


  5. Play with the size of textual and visual elements so what’s important pops-up more evidently.


Your audience is more likely to remember key elements that were presented more prominently. Think about what you want your viewers to remember after your presentation and give those elements a little extra in size and placement.



There are so many tips and things to think about that comes in handy when creating an appealing presentation design or reviewing one to ensure it is effective and interesting, but we hope these 5 basic tips will help you boost your presentation skills.



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